Helping To Stop Illegal Logging.
Independently Certified, Legally Sourced, Merbau Timber Products

"Greenpeace has been working cooperatively with Simmonds Lumber to combat importation of timber products sourced from illegally logged forests."

Reece Turner, Projects Campaigner
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

  • Verified Legal by Certisource
  • Decking and Screening
  • Laminated Posts and Beams

DNA Lumber®

DNA Lumber® is sourced from legally harvested forests.

DNA Lumber® is durable, kiln dried, stable, and termite resistant.

DNA Lumber® is one of the few timber species that is classified as “bushfire resistant” under Australian Standard AS3959.

Every pallet of DNA Lumber® is traceable back to specific forests that harvest their trees according to the strict guidelines of the CertiSource Legality Assessment System.

The CertiSource system requires full legal compliance with the laws of the country of harvest, including a full environmental impact assessment, payment of all taxes and royalties, and respect for indigenous peoples’ rights.

All DNA Lumber® is subject to third party independent audits by Double Helix Tracking Technologies to ensure compliance with the CertiSource standard, and an unbroken “chain of custody” from forest to sawmill to wholesaler to timber merchant.

DNA Lumber® is the first product in the world to use Australian developed DNA technology to verify the Chain of Custody. This technology has been developed by the University of Adelaide and Double Helix.

Simmonds Lumber, the Australian and New Zealand importer of DNA Lumber®, employs full-time quality controllers at the mills to ensure a high level of product quality in every pack.

DNA Lumber® satisfies all of the requirements of the Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012, which comes into full effect from November 2014.